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Templeharry Church


The village of Moneygall lies in the Parish of Dunkerrin. It is part of counties Offaly and Tipperary and covers approximately 24,500 acres. The population of the parish is approx. 1600 people.

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Round Tower, Moneygall, Offaly


The name Moneygall (Muine Gall in Irish) means “The Shrubbery of the foreigners”.
History tells us that as the Norsemen were retreating from the battle of Roscrea in 942, they were overtaken and killed in this area...
History of Moneygall

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Things to see and do in Moneygall


Whether walking, cycling or by car there are lots of things to see and do in Moneygall and the surrounding areas of Dunkerrin and Barna. Visit the President’s ancestral home where the Kearney Family left from in 1850 ...
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Obamas Visit

The atmosphere and excitement was electric and not even the harsh weather conditions could dampen the spirits of Moneygall who was about to welcome home an ancestral son. 
Barack Obama visits Moneygall

Welcome to Moneygall Co.Offaly

Moneygall has a welcome for everybody who journeys off the M7 Motorway at Junction 23 to come follow the footsteps of US President Barack Obama & the First Lady Michelle Obama who visited our Offaly village on May 23rd 2011.

Why not visit the President’s ancestral home where the Kearney Family left from in 1850 and view the old school house where the shoemaker’s family were educated or maybe enjoy a trip around other ancestral sites along our cycle route taking in Templeharry Church where the Kearney family worshiped and were baptised. You can also take a trip along our walking route and explore the amazing scenery overlooking our village.

With various sites to see and free activities, along with our various shops, bars and café we are the perfect destination to call and relax on that long journey around our beautiful country.

Please enjoy our village at your leisure!

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