Moneygall Community Welfare

Seniors Alert Scheme - Moneygall Areas 

This measure exists with the support of Moneygall Development Association and if users feel in danger or require immediate assistance they can activate the device which will alert designated members of their community who can then assist them.

There is free personal monitoring of the alarm for the first 12 months after which the person pays a small fee. This measure contributes greatly to the safety and wellbeing of senior citizens in their homes.

When the user activates the personalised alarm it puts a call through to the national call centre which is open 24/7 365 days a year.

Alarms, which are monitored 24 hours, can be worn as a pendant or around the wrist like a watch; ensuring assistance is always available. 


Please contact to arrange a visit to assess your needs. 


Dunkerrin-Barna-Moneygall Defibrillator Group 

The communities of Dunkerrin, Barna & Moneygall have over 30 trained Caric Responders who can give life saving assistance to some one who has gone into Cardiac Arrest. There are 5 defibrillators servicing the community, in Barna (Hall), Moneygall (Church Entrance) and Dunkerrin (Delaney’s Wall), Emmill (Cahills Wall) and one in Rathnavogue (Doyles Wall) In the event of a cardiac arrest first contact the ambulance service on 112 or 999 and then contact 0505 36000 for a local defibrillator. The early use of a defibrillator greatly increases the chance of surviving a Cardiac Arrest. This free service was suppored and funded by the community and welcomes new members to be trained. For more details please email Dunkerrin Barna, Moneygall Defibrillator Group MDA




Message in a Bottle Sponsored by Moneygall Development Association

The Community Message in a bottle is being co-ordinated by Moneygall Development Association and An Garda Síochána in the Moneygall, Dunkerrin and Barna areas. The scheme is free and simply involves completing a medical/contact form and placing it into a plastic bottle provided. Two stickers are provided also one to go on the inside of your front door to alert the emergency services in the event of an accident of illness in your home that you are involved in the scheme and the other sticker is to go on the fridge where we ask the bottle is left. This is a voluntary scheme for anyone living at home, who might be reassured to know that essential information would be readily available to the Emergency Services should they suffer an accident or sudden illness. The scheme ensures that vital information is available not only to identify you but to advise of relevant illnesses, allergies, medication and contact addresses. When time is saved, lives are saved! When emergency services see medical information and personal details of a patient they can render safer and speedier First Aid by shortcutting time consuming fact-finding enquiries about the patient.

Avail of the MDA Message in a Bottle scheme

Should you wish to avail of this initiative please contact Moneygall Garda Station on 0505 45202 You can also download additional forms to complete for the bottles here: Download the MDA Message in a Bottle Form

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