Moneygall Development Association (MDA) having secured funding from the Local Authority Waters Programme engaged Triturus Environmental Ltd. to conduct a biodiversity audit of the Moneygall Stream and surrounding environs between July-September 2020. The primary aims of the study, as agreed with the MDA, were to undertake the biodiversity management initiatives outlined

• Record the wildlife in and surrounding the Moneygall Stream (Ballyfinboy tributary) and
make recommendations on how to regenerate the stream as well as manage and enhance
general biodiversity in the wider Moneygall area.

• The habitat management would be focused on the Moneygall Stream in the non-
culverted area near Moneygall FC grounds but also include open areas of channel downstream.

• The study would collate both baseline physiochemical water quality data (analysed by a
laboratory) and biological water quality data (i.e. Q samples which determine water
quality from riverine invertebrates).

• The study would also help generate an understanding and identification of the sources of
pollution within the Moneygall Stream and make recommendations to buffer nutrient

Data collated on local species and habitats would facilitate better understanding, appreciation
and, ultimately, management of biodiversity in the Moneygall area. It will also facilitate more
effective engagement with local the community and groups alike, such as the Moneygall
Development Association and local schools who can partake in the biodiversity initiatives.

You can view the final report here 


Birthdays in the age of Covid-19 are strange affairs but Moneygall made sure Moll Collins will never forget her 100th.

The village pulled out all the stops to ensure our centenarian had a brilliant birthday celebration and we were not going to let coronavirus get in the way of recognising a wonderful life.


Moneygall National School students kickstarted the celebrations by serenading Moll with a rendition of 'Happy Birthday'  when she was driven to the school before lunch and presented with a giant card. Moll may have thought that was the end of the celebrations but upon return from a family meal a convoy of locals drove by to give their best wishes.


Such was the size of the crowd wishing to celebrate with Moll, gardaí from Roscrea and Nenagh organised and assisted in the drive-by and Garda Lorraine Fahy presented a bouquet of flowers to the woman of the hour.

Moll sat on a chair outside her house and waved to the passersby while accompanied by family, looking thrilled with what was unfolding.


While social distancing guidelines and Covid-19 have stolen many opportunities to celebrate this year, the people of Moneygall have shown coronavirus cannot crush community spirit.


Moneygall Plan to 2025

Moneygall Development Association is committed to continue develop our community following on from the successful implementation on our development plan “Moneygall Forward 2012-2017” and thanks to funding and supports from the Rural Development Programme we commenced a process of community engagement to establish our community requirements as we plan to 2025. This plan facilitated and compiled by Catherine Corcoran an academic and practitioner is the culmination of community engagement, consultation with Offaly Local Development Company, an input from local government and an alignment to national strategy for community development. 

Our first community plan was ambitious and identified over 50 actions that were required to build and develop a community enjoyable for people to live and visit. We have delivered on the majority of the actions and now have begun this new phase to develop, support and enhance what we have started. We also want to ensure longevity of community projects and development into the future.

"Moneygall 2025" is our new vision for a bold and modern rural community, we want to become a healthier community with a strong focus on health and wellbeing along with a cleaner and healthier environment. The plan identifies opportunity for social enterprise and the continued enhancement of our community assets. We want to prosper and continue to expand opportunities for tourism and continue to preserve and protect our history and heritage. This plan is wide and expansive in its proposals and we invite you to read the plan, engage with us and help us fulfill these objectives by 2025.

Moneygall Tourism Video

Moneygall Development Association is proud to showcase our community, we might be small in size but we are big in heart. We have developed walking trails, activity parks, cycle routes and organise plenty throughout the year. We are fortunate to be in both Irelands Hidden Heartland and Irelands Ancient East and have adopted our Tourism slogan of "Moneygall a village hidden in the heartlands of Irelands ancient east" 

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