Bingo is Back .... with a difference!

Moneygall Development Association (MDA) are delighted to announce the commencement of virtual bingo that can now be enjoyed by all in their homes. Sean Nolan, chairperson of MDA, highlighted that "families of all ages have adapted during the pandemic and are connecting remotely via Zoom for family occasions, quizzes and just to say hello. We also see our classrooms or work colleagues regularly over Zoom and it's relatively easy to use and has  become part of our daily lives" 
The idea of bringing Bingo to the home is now possible using Zoom, where we will all meet in our Virtual Bingo Hall and our bingo caller will be visible and monitoring players checks. Players can unmute zoom to "Check" and should it be the correct call they can win the cash prize. Sean has said " We will transfer all winnings directly to winners and the minimum prize we will be giving away is from €15 to €500
 with a guaranteed giveaway of a minimum of €2,000 on our launch night" 
Moneygall Development Association will use the popular ClubForce App used by many local G.A.A. clubs for lotto. You can purchase your single or double book in advance of the game, it will be then emailed to you in plenty of time to prepare for bingo from your home. To add Moneygall Development Association to your Clubforce just open the app and tap the blue button over "group" and type in Moneygall Development Association and tap on our name & we will then be in your Clubforce
The 10 game bingo will commence at 8pm on Thursday 18th of February and is guaranteed to pass the time while safely gathering for some light fun, entertainment and possible cash prizes. Follow Moneygall Village facebook page for up to date information & visit our Bingo page on this site to purchase the books. 
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