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About Us

The Moneygall Obama Committee was formed in March 2011 to represent the village of Moneygall, in preparation for the visit of US President and First Lady to Moneygall in May 2011.

The sole focus of the group at that time was to represent the needs of the village, its residents and businesses through liaison with all stakeholders in the event. In the summer months following, the visitor numbers to Moneygall increased significantly. The Moneygall Obama Committee organised a July 4th festival in the village which was very successful and gained significant media coverage and was supported throughout by the people of Moneygall. In addition, media interest remained in Moneygall (RTE, BBC etc) throughout 2011.

Having been involved in the organisation of the visit of President Obama to Moneygall, the successful management of a July 4th Festival just 6 weeks later and seeing the visitors to Moneygall increasing and the local support for this, the Moneygall Obama Committee agreed that it was necessary to formalise their structure and Moneygall Development Association Ltd. was formed in July 2011.

Moneygall Development Association Company Limited by Guarantee comprises local residents, public representatives, business people, Clergy all of whom have an interest in identifying the opportunities to develop a strong vibrant village in Moneygall which offers a pleasant and attractive place to live and a destination for tourists, both local and from overseas. 

Moneygall Development Association Company Limited by Guarantee
Company Registration No: 500518
Company Directors: Sean Nolan, Henry Healy
Committee: Sean Nolan, Henry Healy, Marian Ryan, Teresa Harney, Sandra Bamber, Willie Jones, Peter Ormond, Fr Joe Kennedy, William Powell, William Hayes, Seamus Quigley, Donna Collison, Patricia McGuire, Tim Talbot, Matt Collison, Colette Nolan, Moira Sheppard, Breda Jones, Tim Sutton, Carmel Quinlan, Tomas Quinlan, & Andrew Larkin

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