Cloncannon Biofarm

This an ideal location for engaging students in the Geography, Science and History curriculums. They will gain a great undersatanding of their place in time and space. The natural and built heritage features on the farm provide a resource for skills and knowledge development. The activities promote open, critical and responsible attitudes and contribute to the students active construction of their own understanding. The principles which underpin the organic food production system on the farm are a means for connecting students to ‘food’ and also to Nature. The education programme which can be tailored to the schools’ specific needs strives to promote care of the earth and a sustainable future for all species. 

There seems to be a greater interest in learning the skills of growing your own food or sourcing local and/or organic food. At Cloncannon Biofarm we share those skills of working with Nature in organic food production. The visiting community group can choose from a number of farm tours relating to various themes

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